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Cynthia Ray has landed a PM job again

2. LANDING: Cynthia Ray    Posted by: "Cynthia Ray"

This is a lengthy story, but worth the time! I was laid off from my previous job in October 2016, but did not earnestly begin searching for a job until February 2017.  I kept seeing postings for positions with DynCorp which were excellent matches to my background.  However, I never received a call from them after applying to positions, and I had no contacts to get my foot in the door.   Early in my attendance at SFG I learned that Charlie Zinger had connections with DynCorp.  

I spoke with Charlie, who was very kind to quickly make an email connection for me at DynCorp with someone in HR.  However, once Charlie was removed from the correspondence, I was unable to get a response from the DynCorp HR contact. After 3-4 weeks of consistent unsuccessful attempts to speak to this contact, I decided I should ask Charlie for another contact, or even see if Foster Williams or someone else at SFG could assist with providing me alternate sources.  Much to my disappointment, that Thursday I did not find Charlie nor Foster in attendance. For the first time, I was feeling really depressed as I sat in the opening session. The sessions are normally uplifting, but I wasn’t feeling it this particular day. As always, we were encouraged to always practice HOPE.  I was saddened because since losing my job, other than attending Frisco Connect and SFG, I tended to spend the majority of my time at home pouring over the internet researching companies and looking for positions. My kids are grown, I live in a small town and had seemed to have turned into a hermit since becoming unemployed.

How was I supposed to practice HOPE when I rarely saw anyone to have an opportunity to help? I was walking to the final session of the day, a LinkedIn training session, feeling depressed and trying to think of what group I could join or how I could make changes in my life to expand my human interface.  I could see ahead of me a lady in the hallway that seemed to be trying to get information from people as they headed to the session, but everyone seemed to be passing her by.  And then she approached me. She was looking for information about our SFG group, and had walked through the front door very late trying to see what we were all about and just needed general information.   My initial reaction was much like several others I had seen, try to be polite but keep going in order to get to the class.  But then it hit me – Cynthia, THIS is an opportunity to practice HOPE.  I stopped and took the time to explain in detail what happens at SFG, told her about beginning time and where to enter the church, and that it was really all about making connections to help each other find job opportunities. We exchanged contact information, and I told her I would meet her at the front door next week and go through the initial signup and sit with her at the opening session.  The lady, Jennifer, was very appreciative of my information, and said her sister had strongly encouraged her to attend SFG.  Her sister, being in HR for a large company in the area for many years, had heard good things about SFG and thought this would be a great place for Jennifer to help with her job search.  I asked Jennifer where her sister worked. Her response was – DynCorp.  DynCorp – the company where I had been trying for months to get my foot in the door.

Folks, that was God there with me.  I so strongly felt His presence at that moment.  I looked at Jennifer in disbelief, and opened my binder, and on the top page was my printout of the job description at DynCorp that I had been trying so hard to get an interview for.  I showed this to Jennifer, and shared my story with her.  Jennifer immediately said she would contact her sister and for me not to worry, that her sister loved to help deserving people and she knew she could get me an interview.  Well, while I was in the LinkedIn training session that same hour, I did indeed receive a voicemail from Jennifer’s sister at DynCorp who had pulled up my information from my previous applications.  She said she wanted to interview me on the phone that afternoon!  To make an even longer story short, it did take about 2 months – but I am now officially employed by DynCorp as a Senior Buyer and started on July 5. I am so very thankful to SFG, Whites Chapel, Foster Williams, Charlie Zinger, all the wonderful people I met on this journey, Jennifer who walked through the church doors late that day, her sister Kathy at DynCorp, my family who hung with me through all of this – but most importantly

God who is the one that sustained me during this time – as always.  I am thankful for the lessons and patience I learned during my unemployment, and will help anyone of you that I can.  My words of wisdom are to practice HOPE and to grow your relationship with God. I leave you with Proverbs 2:13: Trust in the Lord with all yours heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; thing about Him in all your ways and He will guide you on the right paths. God Bless.

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