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Rose has landed her greatest challenge at TIAA.

Hi Foster,

Feel free to share whatever you think is appropriate. The pertinent details of my job search and my new position are outlined below.

My role is Senior Document Compliance Consultant with TIAA. I will be working with all different types of retirement plans.

The pay is substantially higher than my previous job and I will be working from home.

I didn't know anyone at this company but I had invited one of the document people at TIAA to connect on LinkedIn. I had messaged her and requested any help she could provide. She responded back with her phone number so I called her and we talked for an hour on a Sunday about the job, their computer system and what is important to them in the role. I did this right before my first interview.

I applied to a posted opening back in January but didn't get it. Then someone left and the identical job opened up in May so I applied for that. I ended up having 5 interviews with them in the past 6 months. Both times I submitted a cover letter and resume on their website. When I didn't get the first job I asked HR for feedback and was told they thought another candidate had better computer skills. So the second time around I emphasized my computer skills in my resume and cover letter. Then after I applied online the second time I sent HR an email letting her know I had applied for new posting and attached my resume and cover letter to the email.

I followed up a week later with a phone call to HR and then she called back and said hiring manager had been on vacation but was back now so she told me she would call and speak to her on my behalf. Then she called back a little later that day to schedule an interview with the hiring manager.

If I hadn't asked HR for feedback I wouldn't have known what I needed to do differently. I developed a rapport with the HR person and it paid off. I kept following up by phone or email every 7-10 days.

I'm attaching copies of the job description, my cover letter, and resume. My resume is nontraditional in that my education and credentials are near the top. This was recommended by two senior level headhunters and HR people. They said my education is what sets me apart from other candidates and since the job description was looking for that education and credentials I was told to place it where I did.

I have been unemployed for 12 months. My date of layoff was on August 1, 2016, and my new job starts August 14, 2017. I didn't need to negotiate anything. The salary was so much higher than my last position that it didn't seem appropriate to ask for more. The benefits are wonderful and the vacation time was generous.

Incidentally, I have applied for hundreds of jobs during the past year and have had interviews with 20 companies. I also have attended job networking groups and worked with 3 different career consultants (all free). I have done 3 mock interviews and attended a number of job-related seminars including 4 that Abby Kohut presented. I also used to compare my resume with the job description prior to applying for each role. I probably have at least 30 versions of my resume if not more.

I went into such detail here to let people know this job didn't just happen. I worked very hard and enlisted a lot of people's help. God made this happen!

Rose Waltz

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