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Took a while but Bruce is now at the Hotel

Hi Mr. Williams,

I have landed a consulting/contract position at La Quinta through Accretive Solutions/RGP and I start on Monday, December 18th.  Accretive Solutions was acquired by RGP in November 2017.  That's why I am putting Accretive Solutions/RGP.  I need to figure out my work hours so I know how I will be able to drop off some donut holes at Frisco Connect, CSN HR Focus Group and Southlake Focus Group.

I would greatly appreciate if you can pass the following message to Frisco Connect, HR Focus Group, SFG:

Good morning everyone, I have landed a contract position at La Quinta through Accretive Solutions/RGP after being laid off for almost 6 months.  I am sorry that I was not able to share my good news with you in person but I will do my best to bring some donut holes after I figure out my work hours.  Yes, it is that number 1 strength, RESPONSIBILITY, of my top 5 strengths compelling me to bring the donut holes.

I found this opportunity through a staffing firm called Accretive Solutions  that I had worked with previously.  I had a phone interview with the hiring manager at La Quinta on November 16, 2017 but everything went silent until December 13, 2017 when I got a call from my contact at Accretive Solutions telling me the hiring manager at La Quinta wants me to start ASAP.  I told my contact at Accretive Solutions that I need to get back to him the following morning since I had a permanent full time opportunity that's still pending.  On December 14, 2017 when that permanent full time position opportunity did not respond, I called my contact at Accretive Solutions and told him that I am good to go with the La Quinta opportunity.  I was told that I need to report to La Quinta on December 18, 2017.  Oh yeah, this opportunity pays 20% more than my last job.

It has been a stressful and frustrating 6 months while searching for my next job.  I want to thank God in answering my prayers.  I also want to thank the awesome leadership, especially Foster Williams, at Frisco Connect, HR Focus Group and Southlake Focus Group for your help and guidance.  Finally, I want to thank all the wonderful volunteers and all the great people that I met in these networking groups.  Your encouragement made my search so much more tolerable.  To those of you that are still looking for your next dream job, YOU WILL LAND.  You just need to keep your chin up and be POSITIVE and utilize those resources in these groups to help you land your next job.  If you have time to spare, please do some volunteer work.  It will feed your soul.  I am a volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels Collin County while I was job searching and I plan to continue to be a volunteer driver whenever I can.

Finally, if there is anything I can help you with your job search, please feel free to contact me either on LinkedIn or email.  My LinkedIn ID is bruce-chao-b923a94 and my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

May God bless you all with your job search.  Think POSITIVE AND YOU WILL LAND.

Thank you.

Bruce Chao

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