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John is consulting in Austin


How are you doing?  It’s a little while since we last spoke and wanted to update you on my job search.  In mid-January, I was referred to a Private Equity firm in Austin in regards to doing some project work for Pain Practices the firm was looking to acquire.  They have LOIs on two practices and have a few more in the pipeline. The project work focuses on assessing the Revenue Cycle for the Physician practices and providing an executive summary back to their Board as to areas that are stable, areas that have potential opportunities, and/or areas of concerns.  The project is intermittent, but has the potential of something more permanent, which is more desirable.  As a result of my travel, deadlines and other job search activities I have not been attending the networking meetings as you probably had noticed.  I plan on attending again once I have a clearer picture of my schedule as I feel it’s important to stay connected. 

I will keep you posted, but mainly wanted to update you as to my job search and say thanks for all of you assistance to this point in my job search.  Meeting you as well as others would not have been possible without you Job Networking Groups.

Let's stay in touch! Love the Who ya know job networking radio show. Don't forget about me hopefully I can giveback soon once I land and get back into a hiring capacity. 

Best Regards,

John Sistrunk, CRCR, CAPPM

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