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Landing Stories

Nelsn lnds at Microsoft as an Account Executive

I wanted to announce that I have landed at Microsoft as an Account Executive starting today. I owe the groups bagels, and a VERY LARGE THANK YOU for the motivation and guidance all gave me during my search.

I will keep my eyes open for additional positions inside MS I can share with the team through you!


Nelson Sanchez

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Kidist is now at Microsoft

Hello Everyone, 

Hope all is well.  I wanted to let you know that I have landed at Microsoft  as an Account Executive starting on November 13th.  The job is going to be very similar to what I was doing at IBM and they found me through LinkedIn. I have been out of a job for 3 months. The package they offered was one I could not refuse so I am blessed. 

I wanted to Thank You all for helping me during this transition period, especially at the beginning. I had no idea where to start since I had never really looked for a job before nor had I ever interviewed.  I was recruited by from college and been at IBM  for exactly 30 years to the day so Southlake Focus group really helped  me organize my thoughts and the job search process. 

I appreciate everything that you have provided to us and I will continue to promote all the different Networking Groups (SFG, Fortworth Networking group and the Frisco one) going forward and please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can do to help. 

Please Thank the rest of the  Southlake Focus group leadership for me.  


Kidist Belaineh

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Sufyan Adi is now at Gamestop

Hi Mike / Foster/ Les,

I wanted let you know that I have landed a Sr. Problem Manager at GameStop,  I will start on 10/30.  There was a series of phone and face to face interviews, for the most part they were basic interviews except 2 were quite technical. 

I am traveling for a  personal matter and will not be able to make it this coming week.

Would you please pass along to the team at Southlake Focus Group, Les’ PMP prep team and CSN_IT group that the preparation provided were very valuable and would not have been the same outcome without the encouragement and support you all gave me.  I am forever grateful to many people that I can’t possibly mention all of them.  I am truly blessed that I got to meet all of them. 

A final and most important thank you goes to the lord for lifting me up during the past 3 months of difficult and challenging time.

Again thank you and God bless.

Sufyan Adi, AKA Sam

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Pam landed a position from the network.

Hello, Foster!I wanted to let you know that I was offered the Receptionist position that you had told me about!  I accepted it and began working this last Monday.  I love the people, position, and  the company!  Yes, Sarah is a wonderful manager too!  

I wanted to take donuts to SFG and thank you personally, but I decided it would be best to ask Clayton to take my donuts after all.  I didn't want to risk being late to work!  
I really appreciate your help in finding this position!!  I believe it is exactly what The Lord wanted for me!  

I will keep in touch!

Have a great week! Pam Daugherty :)

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Audrey Smith lands the proper position

So as many of you know I joined this human resources groups end of spring beginning of summer 2017. At the end of May I was contacted by a recruiting company for an temp to perm contract. So I was temporarily working for a Real Estate company in Downtown Dallas. However, after working a few months I had still no update on when I was supposed to go permanent. The managers had met with me previously saying I was on route to get hired but they needed to hire one more person before they could on-board me. They ended up hiring 8 different people some who started long after I did with the company.

I was feeling extremely down because I worked hard and some of the markets enjoyed working with me...I felt like I was slowly succeeding but going nowhere and the worst part is they are a great company I just couldn't understand the delay. Well after being pretty sick for a few days and stuck at home I decided to randomly follow up with a Director of Talent Acquisition at a medical recruiting company (prior to my real estate contract). Funny how God's timing is impeccable because he actually had a position available in a part of the company I didn't expect. After scheduling interviews between my current job, I have happily accepted the position and landed!

This medical recruiting incorporates my clinical background with the opportunity to grow in the staffing industry, that will eventually get me into my long term HR goals! I've been frustrated and down most of summer because I felt like while a great company they didn't really want me, but I realized God just temporarily wanted me in that position so I could excel and get hired on for this new position to start my career. I know I was the youngest person in our group but I don't want anyone to feel discouraged, even if your at a job that doesn't feel right that can still be part of your transition to a job field that'll you'll love. I had to share with the group because I didn't get the time to come visit! Don't lose faith!

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