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Landing Stories

Jon Giles is back at work


I have received more blessings than I desire and the latest was landing the IT Manager role with Allied Stone, Inc. in Dallas.  Donuts will be delivered but I was interview last Wednesday, offered the position on Thursday, Friday with HR started work Yesterday.  That's a dream.  Allied Stone has been in business since 1999 with offices in Durant, Dallas, Austin, Houston and Lubbock.  Having been out of work for since February of 2016 I found strength in meeting with the group, even on a limited basis.  The emails help.  Taking online technical classes (cheap @ Udemy) helped me maintain confidence as I continued to applied for jobs.  This job was listed on Indeed, the best of the services outside of the Southlake community.



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Leon Nesbitt landed at Vizient

Hey Judge and Foster,

It looks like I can't make the Frisco Connect meeting today.  I wanted to announce that I landed at a company called Vizient, doing marketing Communications.

I landed the position straight from a job posting (an anomialy, but I'll take it).  They seem like a good company from their reviews and interview process.  So I'm looking forward to starting on Monday.

It took nine months of searching and the process was tough but a good life lesson that I will continue as I work.  I'd like to thank the church and leadership of Frisco connect for the fellowship, networking and support.


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Barbara Townsend is consulting at Sabre

Foster, Mike, Alvin, Tom, Charlie, and Jane,

I wanted to let you know that I started working last week. I am working as a consultant at Sabre. The consulting company is Experis and I met them in person a few months ago when I attended the Ft. Worth PMI Chapter's Career Development Day. Experis was one of the vendor booths that I visited. They called me about the Project Manager position at Sabre a few weeks ago and I got the job based on one phone interview with the hiring manager.

It feels great to be back working at a large global company in a headquarters setting, which is what I am used to, up until my last job working for a small private company. I am very excited and hopeful that this position at Sabre will convert into a permanent position. Initially it is a 1 year contract.

I want to thank each of you for your leadership and guidance. I was very impressed with the entire organization and pleased that it was faith based. Please know that you truly do inspire us to be hopeful of a great future, along with equipping us with the tools we need to fulfill that goal--weekly meetings, great presentations, resume help, LinkedIn help, interviewing help, networking, etc. Job searching can be very lonely when at home on the computer. 

I was very thankful to have such a positive place to go each week, to be connected with others in similar situations. I no longer felt alone and always was energized when I left!! When I hear of someone who is unemployed, I immediately tell them about the Southlake Group and that they need to attend.

Thank you!! May you be blessed for all you do to help others.

Take Care,


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They called Jerry back to the old company

Hi Foster,

Out of the blue, the VP of Treasury at my old job called me this morning. A Financial Analyst is resigning and he offered me the role.

I accepted and will start temp for 3 months in the morning. If it works out,the job will become permanent.

Thanks for your encouragement. My wife and I have prayed for doors to open, we just never expected it to be the one we just came through.

Please continue to help others find the door to new employment.

Regards - Jerry

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Sue Kochem lands after a 9 months search

Hi Foster, I wanted to let you know that I landed a position at Javelin Agency and start my new adventure tomorrow.

Thank you for all the great workshops you put on and the help you provide all of us who are in the job search journey. There are so many great people in the Dallas-Ft Worth area willing to help and give back.

I have met so many fabulous people along this journey and one thing I know - I will not stop networking and helping others as well!

Thank you


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