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Landing Stories

Steve Reed has landed on the Edge

I wanted to let you know that I have landed. I accepted a position as senior sales Manager for Edge Communications starting Monday. 

I appreciate the positive encouragement and guidance you both have given me as i went through his 2 and a half month Journey.

Thanks again to everyone at south lake!


Steve Reed

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Ray is now with AT&T

I wanted to let you know I have landed and found a full time role with AT&T.

Since attending sessions and workshops with the Southlake Focus Group, I have been pretty busy consulting in Telecom while looking for a full time position in the DFW area. I have now landed at AT&T as Sr. Product Manager and I start next week.

The 5 month process has been a roller coaster ride with high points and low points along the way. I believe I rewrote my resume more than 20 times during those months. A big SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to the focus group and the various members that I've kept in touch with for keeping me sane through this process! Thanks for all the good work you do!

Philippians 4:13


Ray Wilczynski

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Bill is a Controller once again


William "Bill" Howe

William "Bill" Howe
Controller at Project Resources, Inc.


Hi, Foster:
Just wanted to let you know, after my 5th interview, I landed at Brandt Construction as their Controller and will start later this month. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Doughnuts tomorrow!
Best regards, Bill Howe

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Lynda has landed.

Hi Foster,

I am pleased to let you know that after  almost 2 months of job hunting, I have landed! I started this job on Thursday, April 30 & won't be able to make your meeting as I'll be at work. I'm very excited to be back to work in technology sales! This is a good opportunity with a small IT company  that is growing. My title is: Inside Sales Account Executive. I'll be  selling wireless & cloud networking services to VARS (resellers). This is a new position. The company  had only one opening.  I'm not going to mention the name of this business & I won't add this to my LinkedIn profile for at  least 90 days. I want to see how the job goes and make sure it works  out. 

I'm sharing this good news to let you and your attendees know that the job market in the Dallas area is definitely  opening up and there is hope out there! I found this job at the Richland College Job Fair. I went to this job fair not expecting much as I've  never had good luck with job fairs. This time was different. This was a  larger job fair with several good name companies. I never would have known about this small start up company if I hadn't attended this job fair. The moral of my story  is that It pays to try every avenue and look outside the box. 

Thanks to you Foster and the Career DFW networking groups for all the good  work you do. Keep up the great work!  I've learned a lot from the guest  speakers. Thanks to the job seekers I've met over the years. They have  given me good suggestions and feedback which I've used to polish and  perfect my job search. Best wishes to all the job seekers to keep at it and not give up! 


Lynda Moidel

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