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Landing Stories

The Wells Fargo thing worked out for Sani

Hi Foster,

Wanted to let you know I have a start date with Wells Fargo for 2/8. It is a 12 month contract and 40 hours a week.

I will still need to continue working toward networking.

I should be at Frisco Connect tomorrow and hoping a colleague will be there so I can make an introduction with you.

Looks like I'm bringing doughnuts... ��

Have a great day!


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Barry says get over it and get a job.

Good evening SFG colleagues. I am so grateful to announce my landing at Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits. I start this new chapter on Feb 1st. 

I lost my last job on November 28th after 6 years without a nickel severance, I was very bitter and was carrying a lot of negative emotion around with me to say the least. It was impacting every aspect and relationship I cared about in life. A friend referred me to SFG and I went. As I set in orientation, one of the speakers started talking about this "negative emotion" and how dwelling on that junk and funk was not going to change a thing. Although I knew this fact hearing it from someone else who was treated very similar from a prior organization was enough to pull me out of my pity party and get back in the mix of things, As I listened to the encouragement and inspiration from the leaders and volunteers I made the mental shift from victim to being reminded that I am a child of God and although this was way to big for my shoulders, it was nothing for the king of kings.

Going through this is always a colossal faith tester and it never gets easier but I believe if your heart is right, God will always pull you through.

Stay focused and diligent on your career quest. Be patient, keep the faith and know that although you can't see what's around the river bend....he can, he knows the blue print for your life, and he has your back no matter what.

Lastly, I am going to leave you with a few songs that helped me breath a little deeper when I started to get that hopeless, let down, pessimistic (negative emotion) wave rising up around me. I hope they bring you the same comfort and peace they provide me.

chain breaker - zach williams

eye of the storm - ryan stevenson

Oceans -hillsong united

The God I know - Love & the outcome

mended - matthew west

Overcomer - mandisa

while I am waiting - john waller

holding on to you - fellowship creative

good good father - chris tomlin

the hurt and the healer - mercyme

Ok ok ...there is a little inspirational playlist you can throw in the mix.

God Bless, I am Barry Morgeson and I have landed.

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Jesse tried and just could'nt retire

Hi Foster,

Although I officially retired this year, I am going to continue working and I just recently accepted a Bilingual Contact Center Agent position at RealPage in Richardson.  They renovated the old Nortel Networks campus and it's super nice. 

Anyway, please let the Frisco Connect and all other network groups that they are welcome to reach out to me and use me as a referral.   As always, it's best to go to RealPage website to see if they're interested in a position. 

I'm liking what I'm seeing and hearing at RealPage.

Thank you for all your efforts in helping Renee with her challenges finding a new career.

Hope you have a great 2017 !!

Jesse Esquivel

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Claudia is now at Deloitte University

Good Afternoon Foster, I wanted to thank you for your support during my job search.

This past Wednesday, I started working as the HR Coordinator for Benchmark at their Deloitte University property. It's being a great experience thus far!

Thank you again! I owe you guys doughnuts! Wishing you an Amazing 2017,

Kind Regards, Claudia Otero

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Veniese is moving to Seattle for Amazon


Happy New Year. I wanted to share the goods news that I landed a role at Amazon in Seattle and moving at the end of the month.

It was a pleasure meeting you and the group and I have shared that information with others who are in the process.

It is a wonderful networking group and my only regrets is not meeting you all earlier.

All the best .

Veniese Whittingham

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