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Landing Stories

After 2 long years Mike has landed the plane

Foster, Jane:

Well we have good news!

Just wanted to let you know I finally landed.  Crazy two years, but the Good Lord delivered and as always, amazed me with his mercy and kindness. 

I started yesterday and will be the Director of Business Strategy for a small company in Houston, here is their website:

A good friend from grad school sits on their board and made the intro to their team.  They need help in their business strategy side as they look to grow the company. 

The industry and the company are positioned for growth so I look forward to the challenges!

Thanks again for all your help and kindness!

All My Best!


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Valerie is back at work

Valerie Taylor has accepted the position of Director of Finance with HCK2 Partners, a  Public Relations and Marketing Communications firm in Addison TX.  I start work on Tuesday November 15th. A couple things that are so special about this new endeavor is that the non-compete agreement with my previous employer expired  2 days before my start date, the culture at my previous employer was a very toxic, dysfunctional environment, but my new company has been nominated as Best Places to Work in 2016 in Addison.  It is 3 miles from my house, has the same software as the previous employer,  and is a 32 hour a week job with full time benefits which allows me time to work on my personal training and fitness business which is my passion.  This truly was a GOD thing.

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Fatima has landed

Hello Foster and Noralee! We met at the human resource group in southlake!

Thank you all so much for sharing your time and skills with all of us! I have good news!

I started working at Orion financial group in Southlake Oct. 17th!

I work with mortgages and assignments as a document specialist! I am using my skills and I am enjoying my work.

Thank you and I look forward to staying in touch!

Praise God!

Fatima Fultz

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Patrice's prayers have materialized again

Last night I received a call from the business that has been testing me out for the last 3 weeks to go full time with them.

It is a small consulting group that I have done work with in the past. This is the next assignment that God has assigned to me and it goes along with what I told you my goals were when we were in class!

Praise God ladies keep him first and go out there and get what Hod has for you! Love you ladies, and may your search be blessed.

Patrice Foreman

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